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AccMe is an online tool creating the habit of you thinking on your business, not in it. The habit you need to be more successful. Provoking questions from global thought leaders and built-in accountability get you thinking to help grow your profit.

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Be accountable. Improve your business by focusing on your 12 key business success traits.
We share questions on these 12 traits from the best thought leaders in the world: Steve Jobs, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Peter Drucker, Elon Musk, Richie McCaw, Zac de Silva, Marshall Goldsmith, Michael Porter, Hiten Shah, Paul Graham, Warren Buffet, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Gates and many more.
Powerful questions to help you grow quicker!

  • Your Personal Performance

  • Know Your Business Goals

  • Strategy & Business Planning

  • Leadership & Management

  • Team Engagement & Culture

  • Customer Experience

  • Sales Growth

  • Product & Innovation

  • Profit Growth

  • Systems & Improvements

  • Marketing & Brand

  • Finance & KPIs

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Everybody is different and there is no set path to being more successful in business and as an individual. AccMe can be one of your secret weapons helping you to focus on the most important things. It’ll help give you a higher chance of success and to reach your goals.
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Want your own SAAS version of AccMe for your company and team or your clients

We have a variety of other businesses who have their own version of AccMe for use with their own clients or staff. Examples include:

  • ► Companies who want their team to think about certain questions (relevant to them) and to enable people in their team to build a living action point list to have more focus on reaching company and personal goals.
  • ► Business Coaches and Life Coaches who want to help their clients with further thinking, keep tabs on the progress clients are making and to truly challenge their clients to push far with the goals they are able to achieve!
  • ► Chartered Accounting Firms who want to show they add more value to their clients than competitors.
  • ► Training and Education Organizations who want to stand out as being different by having a proper system to truly embed the training they do. Thus a system to truly make sure their training is not "in one ear and out the other".
  • ► Psychologists who want to help their clients with thinking in between sessions.

And more... If you would like to talk about having your own SAAS version of AccMe, please email us. We look forward to talking to you.

  • AccMe helped me to stretch my goals - we made the finals in the Westpac Business Awards. AccMe was a contributing factor to my business becoming a finalist in the Westpac Awards “Best Employer” category recently.  As a result of dreaming big, prompted by the excellent, thought provoking AccMe questions, entering the awards became listed as one of my stretch goals. The regular reminder prompted action, held me accountable and moved my business forward. I love how AccMe can be a short term ‘to do’ list but at the same time constantly reminds you of the bigger picture.  It helps you look ahead at the strategic as well as making sure the day to day gets done.
    Claire Talbot, CT Garden Design
  • AccMe is my secret weapon for building a successful business. I love the thought provoking questions I get sent every week... which enables me to focus on the things that really matter or that I needed a reminder about. The best bit is being able to set actions points in the task list off the back of the AccMe weekly questions and lessons. If I’m ticking them as completed – I know the business is improving and moving forward, ultimately increasing the bottom line.
    Mark Fisher, Eighty4 Recruitment
  • I have been using AccMe since its inception, and have found it a great tool to help me focus on key areas of my business. The weekly questionnaires are good to keep me on track, and ensure I am thinking and working on the right things for my business. The recently created task list is also another reminder of keeping focused on the bigger picture, and I look forward to seeing future innovations.
    Richard Euston, Bumper Ball
  • I've got so many notebooks going with tasks for business, other ideas and personal stuff that having it all central is awesome. It really did push me to get my business plan finished. The questions on AccMe really make you think and I also like the theme that runs through each week.
    Heidi Riley, Start Up Business
  • It’s a great business tool that gets in your face every week and makes you achieve things. Having used AccMe since its inception, it has grown and developed as a very useful tool for us to assist with all the thoughts, inspirations, strategies, goals, and operations that are needed. It helps us think, prioritize and brainstorm on a range of topics, services and processes that are fundamental in running and growing a business. Would not be without it and would recommend all business owners should have AccMe.
    Gerard Sanders, SHERBORNE
  • It's crazy - but a lot of my tasks are getting done! It’s a great way to see/measure how much I am actually getting done! I love how it makes me brainstorm....very effective tool.
    Chloe, Fashion Uniforms Limited
  • AccMe presents challenging questions, questions that require deep thinking about my business, the issues and the possibilities. It is invaluable time!, a chance to dream and to dedicate to what I want to achieve. The task function reminds me of the things I want to achieve and it is surprising how many I tick off.
    Mary Ellen Davy, Ellen & Company

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